7 Indicators That You Live A Rich Life

Wealth is relative! Some think that to be wealthy should be one in one percent of the wealth of the world, while others link richness to the ability to buy luxury homes and luxury cars – in short, sources of income generating money and bank accounts are inexhaustible.

But there is a different point of view. Some people classify wealth as any addition that enables the individual to live better than the previous stages. There is certainly the category that wealth is happiness rather than money.

The outlook for happiness and money varies from person to person and the philosophical theories related to them are many and varied. However, despite all these theories and views, there are objective global indicators of wealth regardless of the size of income.

Here are a top 7 7 Indicators That You Live A Rich Life, if they apply to you you are rich but you do not realize it yet:

1. You can save money

The majority thinks that the importance is about the amount that is being paid, but the importance is all about how much money can be kept. Money sometimes does not solve problems, but it does, for example, the man who won the lottery and spent all of it in a few years, or the athlete who earned millions and ended up Busty.


Rich Man

Money shows the errors and shows them more clearly, so the overwhelming majority that suddenly reap money either inherited or earned or because of a huge increase in salary suffer after a short period of financial chaos is worse than it was before. So if you are of the quality that can keep a small percentage of your income you have the right mentality and go the right way.

2. Your standard of living is less than your income

Being able to make your living standard less than you can actually live is very important when it comes to financial responsibility; because you spend less than you earn. All studies confirm that more than 55% of workers can not live under their income ceiling, that is, they always spend more than they earn.

3. You can, sooner or later buy what you want

Anyone who comes out of his house today and buys a yacht will be classified as rich. But if you can buy the same yacht five years later after saving for that goal, you will, after paying for the yacht, remain rich.

The reason is that you set your goal and you saved and bought what you want and therefore you probably because of your financial mind organized to have additional money you save, not to mention the fact that your money is now in the form of investment can be converted to liquidity whenever you like.

4. You can retire without anxiety

Retirement is especially costly in today world. Experts say that in order for a person to enjoy material well-being after retirement, he must save 80 to 70 percent of his salary throughout his career. If you can retire and live wherever you want, luxurious or not, then you are a rich man who can give himself what he wants. This is a luxury.

5. Your primary motivation is not just money

The common thing among the majority of net worth individuals is that their main incentive was not money. They usually follow their passion or solve problems. This in itself is a luxury that most workers around the world lack. If you can work in a job that makes you happy and realize your dreams, you do not focus entirely on money but on the psychological and mental satisfaction that you get from your work.

Of course, this does not mean that money does not bring happiness. The size of your huge salary or watching your investments flourish will give you happiness, but money here is not the main catalyst or the only source of happiness. If you have the luxury of focusing on something you love and love instead of money, you are ideally placed in terms of wealth.

6. Money is your ally, not your enemy

The vast majority of people have an unequal relationship with money. From the beginning, we learn to deal with money on the principle that it is difficult to pay and difficult to maintain. If your goal is to attract money, you should stop thinking of the enemy and think of it as one of the best allies.

The first reason for wealth is that those who make a lot of money admit that they can solve a lot of problems, while the middle class sees money as a necessary evil, it solves problems and creates others.

7. Not stuck in your place

Money means freedom. If you feel this freedom, you are rich. If you have managed to prevent your owner from feeling that you are stuck in a job or somewhere, and you can give it up, you are in a very good place. The feeling that you are stuck in your place; because you have no other options and because your financial position you can not give up means that all opportunities will not find their way to you.

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7 Indicators That You Live A Rich Life
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