Methods For Measuring The Ecommerce Volume

Ecommerce is one of the most recent types of trade, which is difficult to measure because it represents a major economic challenge at the level of governments, business owners and private sector, and we will show you a set of methods for measuring e-commerce.


Most of the companies and institutions witnessed a big boom in the field of e-business represented in computers, communications network and modern technology which contributed to the existence of an information system based mainly on the use of the Internet through the computer.

This type of trade has become one of the most popular and prosperous species in the recent period of the spread of the Internet everywhere in the world.

Difficulty Measuring E-commerce

Measuring the volume of e-commerce is difficult because of its rapid growth and technological development as well as many businesses that conduct e-commerce and regular commerce at the same time.

Because of these factors, actual numbers and estimates of the measurement of e-commerce will remain unrealistic and reliable in their results, and therefore the statistics disseminated by research and sector centers have very different results.

There is a clear lack of e-commerce methods, but countries and sectors are working to establish measurement programs so that they can find indicators that reflect the nature of the evolution of economic activities in order to measure the economic impact and measure the growth and comparison between different countries.



Methods for measuring the volume of e-commerce

There are some ways and methods that measure the volume of e-commerce to a certain extent:

1 – through the collection of digital data used in modern technology in the field of information and communications and thus this provides the element of confidence and accuracy in such numbers.

2. Collecting some statistics related to e-commerce activities, such as measuring the size of e-readiness indicators. This is done by listing the commercial sectors and institutions that have computers and providing the possibility of using the Internet and knowledge of density indicators that receive customers and payments via the Internet.

This measure of measurement is commensurate with the measurement of electronic commerce in the developing world, which is in the early stages of scientific and technological progress and the use of the Internet.

3. A field survey is conducted at the business level, in the government sector and the retail sector. This is done to determine the volume of activities over the Internet. This type of Parallel Profits Review survey is conducted annually or every four years.

4 – The field survey is conducted at the level of individuals or at the family level to know the type of computer hardware, laptop and other devices to enter the Internet and what the volume of spending on e-commerce.

E-commerce requirements

To succeed online e-commerce there must be a set of standards and the appropriate environment and there must be a set of requirements such as:

1 – Electronic infrastructure includes the infrastructure supporting e-commerce over the Internet and this mobile technology in some information about the networks of telecommunications, mobile, Internet and other things.

2. Legislation and electronic commerce regulations, which include legislation, laws and rules that are compatible with the nature of trade and protect the rights of the legal framework that guarantees the continuity of electronic commerce and the protection of the rights of individuals and parties and the settlement of commercial disputes.

3- E-commerce must succeed in providing specialized cadres in the fields of information technology IT, the Internet:

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Methods For Measuring The Ecommerce Volume
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