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Top 7 Marketing And Negotiation Secrets

There are many arts that must be marketed by the Internet marketer or marketing expert or even public relations officials for customer affairs, and these arts contribute greatly to the goal of marketing and completion of the sale successfully, and to the extent of mastering the marketing expert of those arts that succeed in convincing the client or failure , And those arts can be formulated in the form of questions and queries that the idea is automatically logical in the minds of readers, and those questions as follows:

Top 7 Marketing And Negotiation Secrets

First: The art of selling and marketing

1 – How to understand the client?

The customer is only a mind that thinks about the advantages of the product and its features that differ from other goods and services. Each client has his own requirements and desires that differ from other customers. The marketing man must possess the art of understanding that enables him to understand the customer through his style, direction and vision.

2- Who is the consumer?

It is obvious that before you deal with any person or entity to know his identity well, and who is that person or entity .. In the field of marketing you must know the person to know very well what his social class and any area and that information, although superficial, Often change the way you sell or deal with it.

Marketing And Negotiation

Marketing And Negotiation

3- What to buy?

When a marketing expert is dealing with a customer, you should pay careful attention to the customer’s questions and inquiries and note what the client is planning to ask about. Often, the customer will ask his inquiries in a vague way so that he is not directly involved in buying a particular product.

4- Why buy?

Find out why a customer is interested in buying a certain item or acquiring a certain service, which leads the marketer to take a path to convince the customer of certain prices and conditions.

For example, if the purpose of the customer to buy the product is for the necessary consumption, the method of dealing is different from if the client’s goal to use the product as a decoration or tool for light use or other justification for purchase.

5- When to buy?

The date of purchase of the customer depends on the decision of the marketing man to offer a certain price, or discounts or confirmation of the customer the possibility of changing the price of the product or service at a date below, and tell customers the dates of holidays and holidays,

6- How to buy?

A marketer must know how to buy a customer for a specific product so that he can develop the appropriate procedures and how to apply them. The customer may want to buy online or buy through an intermediate freight company or just want to book the product until he / And many other purchase methods that the customer desires.

7- Payment method

Is one of the most important queries that the Parallel Profits marketer must agree with the client, and we must not forget that this payment process is the basis of all this fatigue and misery, in the same context must be a marketing expert familiar with different payment methods using Visa prepayment or payment by mail or Transfer the consideration to the company’s bank account, or direct payment.

In order for the marketing man to be familiar with these accounting items, he must be superior in his studies either in the Faculty of Commerce or Economics or in one of the faculties and institutes of business administration and their departments in the different colleges and institutes. These sciences are complementary to the individual’s talent and the marketer.

After reviewing some of Top 7 Marketing And Negotiation Secrets arts that a marketing man should be an expert in, it is important to note that these arts – though fundamental – complement those of a marketing man who is full of the sciences of communication with the public and persuasion and familiarity with the characteristics of the product and its advantages and differences. Which is intrinsic to the goods of the rest of the companies.

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Top 7 Marketing And Negotiation Secrets
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